Monday, 23 April 2018

Memory eater

Silence falls like fog and through the stillness I swim, seeing the truth of people when the weight of time is lifted from their frames.

An ancient man, bowed and broken over his zimmer is released and the shadow of his self becomes known - a man of dignity and composure. A man of peace. Thankfully, he is living in the moment, not reflecting on his glory days. That will help me.

There, where the children play, even they bow to time and their freed spirits are reaching out, pushing their physical boundaries and mingling as a crowd save one. One girl sits alone, a battered spirit shrinking and afraid, delicate as a spring blossom. I will help her, but she is not why I'm here.

The man with his arm around the woman - he is spring sunshine, she is scaly malevolence. That will end poorly.

It is the silence that unsettles me most. Light is not bound by time, and wouldn't it blow the minds of physicists if they knew? But without time, sound cannot form. I cannot hear my heart beat. I cannot hear my breath. I cannot hear any of the murmuration of bodily functions we take for granted day in and out.

There. I see it. A quicksilver flicker, seemingly all around. I hunt, and so does it.

My body closes its eyes and breathes deeply. the seconds that pass in its physical form akin to years and nothing in this space without time. The purpose of the action is to settle me, nothing more. I am focussed now.

I cast a lure - all these people around me are focussed on the here and now, but what it wants is the memories that are not yet formed. "I mustn't forget to water the plants," I muse. A pulse of light. It has heard me. "I won't need my phone for this," I think, deliberately moving my hand towards my purse.

A ripple shivers through the stillness and in the silence I fell it hone in on me. Now for the tricky part.

It strikes, faster than I could imagine, but I am ready and turn away. It catches me a glancing blow and I cast my net wide. It is caught.

Guilt catches me off guard. I know they don't belong here, this environment is killing them and harming us, but they are so beautiful. Being forced into captivity is a horror when you stand outside of time. As soon as possible we will release them into their natural habitat, but while we transport them they will be suffering terribly.

Perhaps not. Perhaps they can stop being aware. Perhaps it doesn't affect them.

I gather my net with the squirming beast inside and quietly grieve. My journey is long and instantaneous. The gateway stands guarded now, but these creatures came through before we knew of it. I approach with my burden which stills. Perhaps it can hear the soundless cries of its people.

At the gateway I release it. I don't force it through. We thought in the beginning that maybe they were escaping something to come here, so it is the rule to give them the choice. As always, there is only a pulse and the beast is gone, passed over to its home.

I return to my self as my exhale completes and think of Twitter. I can't remember where I left my phone. Frantically I pat my pockets then search my purse and find it there, where I always put it. Why can I never remember?

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