Monday, 12 February 2018


When I met you, I was scared
Encased in armour
Shielding myself from life
Love, hope, fear, pain, broken promises and betrayal
But my armour was badly speccd
Not fit for purpose
And when we met, the holes in my chainmail became apparent
I broke first
I ran away, too scared to trust
But I came back
And together we anchored
Sharing responsibilities, pressures, those little things
And as I learned more about you I saw
You are a beautiful, sleek yacht
Well designed
I am a makeshift raft
Bobbing in turbulent waters
Comfortable on a journey
Uncertain of the destination
And you let me share your anchor
I knew however high the waves grew
I would never be lost
There are ties between us
Entangled after so long kiting around a shared point
And then you weighed anchor
Cut me loose
Sailed away
I would have followed you
If you'd only thrown me a line
But you are a speedy vessel
Cutting efficiently through surf
As the storm gathers
And my love and I
Lie discarded in your wake

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