Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Time passes in a series of moments.

At first a light drizzle; each moment seems small, incessant and eternal.

They grow into rain - becoming more distinct, more weighty, falling heavily on detritus and forming rivulets as one leads to another and drives life inevitably before it.

The moments fall, pounding my skin, wearing me down, carving grooves in my face.

I watch them accumulate, clinging to the branches above as I nestle in my tree waiting for the assault.

Time slows and I see that one moment, hanging precariously, swelling, turning, twisting, ready to fall... but like water it congeals as the temperature plummets.

More moments attempt to fall, each becoming crystalline as they fail to reach me - trapped on the tips of the branches above, forming daggers from what might have been.

All around a flurry of flakes whirls; blinding, devastating and cold; each moment jagged edged and ruthless, stacking together, building into drifts of life lived.

I watch the branches above, adoring those perfect moments as they accumulate.

They reach towards me and I pray for the blizzard to stop that I might touch them.