Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I believe

Under a clear sky, on a summer night, lying on flattened wheat with you by my side I can tell you how I believe while we watch the stars whirl by in their cosmic dance.

On a snowy day, as we sit before a fire, I can wrap my hands around a warm mug and tell you why I believe as we feel the insubstantial flames flicker.

In the midst of humanity, I can whisper to you and heart to heart you will know all that I believe.

You will know of our insignificance, although the stars of the universe are the same as the electrons of our selves.

You will know of our reality, and how we leave our mark, however fleeting our time and however small our light.

You will know of our isolation and that, despite every effort, every wish, every dream of being a part of something bigger, we can never be more than one. Just one. Alone.

We are insignificant, small and alone and that is why we hold ourselves accountable.

I, by myself, take responsibility for fixing the mistakes that have been made.

One day, we can be more than this.


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