Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A little moment

Before you lies a flower, petals slowly unfurling... Slowly, so slowly, reluctantly even, the petals release their grip on the safety of the bud as they turn outwards towards the sun. Imagine them bending, gradually, gently until suddenly


They pop fully open and there before you lies a full blown bloom in all its glory.

Each day, I feel pressured. I feel the outside world bearing down upon me and until I snap, until I reach that moment, it isn't possible to tell if I'm on my way to breaking or blooming.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Extended Friday Phrase

The theme is incubators. I came up with a piece and am not satisfied with the 140 character version. Hence: 

Every love has two incubators.
We can each choose which chance to nurture and I limit myself to one.
This is my choice.
I will keep our chance warm while I await your light to shine upon it and bring forth our fledgling romance.
It may never come to pass, but I will wait because our hatchling is important.