Thursday, 28 April 2016

Song for you

I wanted to write a song for you
You'd never know it was yours
But I would
And every time I heard it
I would wrap myself
With thoughts of you

I'd see your eyes crinkle
As you started to smile
I'd see your lips tighten
As you fought back a laugh
And I'd see your hands reaching
To keep me with you

If I ever wrote a song for you
It would be about the way you smell
Or how you sound when you're tired
It would be about how you make me feel
Or the way you groan when you forget things
And you wouldn't know

I see your eyes crinkle
Each time you smile
I see your lips tighten
As you fight back a laugh
I see your hands reaching
To hold on to me

But you
You don't see
Past the nose on your face
The hair in your ears
Or the scar on your chin

You can't believe
That song was for you
Because it talks about
Someone beautiful

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