Thursday, 19 November 2015

You, you and I

You tell me you hurt
That you've had enough
You're on the edge
You need a helping hand to hold
A hug for you
For once

I hear you
I'm here

You cry in the night
And in the day time
You're crushed by expectations
You're afraid not to meet
You need some time
For you

I hear you
I'm here

But you're there
And I can't take it away
I can't give you time
I can't give you space
I don't have a Tardis even
For you

You're there
And all I can do
Is give you words

I love you
You are not alone
If you need to talk
If I can make you feel better
Tell me
I'm here

I hear you
I hold you in my heart

I hope it helps

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