Thursday, 29 October 2015

Late October PreNano

It's October and the temperature is plummeting fast. The daylight saving seems to have done nothing to lighten the morning, instead I am waking bright and early to a gloomy darkness in my bedroom. Waking up has never been a skill of mine and the fact that I'm so perky at 6:00 am is both astonishing and oddly delightful.

I have this week off work and it's giving me a much needed break from all the stresses and strains. The relief is unlikely to last long, but the break is doing me a world of good and soon enough I'll be back there and can only hope that there were no disasters incurred in my absence.

As to my blog - I have neglected it shamefully for the last few months and I can only apologise. November starts soon though and with it #Nanowrimo. Of course I will participate and attempt to write a 50,000 word story; the plot is sort of in my head, the main character is sort of fleshed out, and the world feels real to me. 1 out of three is not conducive to the sort of story which will work for you guys, but remember my priority here is the word count! They don't have to be good words, they just need spaces between them.

Preparations are in order of course, I need to dig out my warmest, snuggliest jumpers, biggest slippers and largest mug in order to ensure I am warm and snug in order to get this wordcount under my command.

Wish me luck :)


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