Friday, 14 August 2015

Take your time

Surely there are only so many mistakes you can make. Like, everyone has their allotted amount and at some point you run out of "mistakes" and start doing stuff right.

Maybe your mistake allowance isn't a number of individual mistakes but a quantity of mistake material that you work through. Maybe your big mistakes use up more, so you can have a good life with a few really huge terrible mistakes or a less good life with lots of little to middling mistakes cropping up constantly.

And is your mistake allowance proportional to your lifetime? Does everyone get the same?

What I'm wondering is if there is any point in my life when I can say: "OK, this is it! All my fuck-ups are behind me and from here on in I'm getting it right!"

Because if so that would be  awesome. 

I wonder if your mistakes count as mistakes if you do them deliberately to hurry your way to the end of your allowance.


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