Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ticking away

Another year older and another birthday where I wonder how I got this far without actually becoming an adult.

I'm constantly surprised by how many people treat me like I'm a mature, responsible adult with the respect that goes alongside it. I know I'm still a kid inside. Want to know how I know?

Don't care, I'm telling you anyway.

I still smile when I see bubbles (adult). Then I run and jump at them to catch them.
I think deep philosophical thoughts about the transient nature of everything whenever autumn rolls around (adult). Then I kick piles of leaves as high as I possibly can.
I watch my diet and think nutrition is as important as all other aspects of eating (adult). Whenever I go somewhere with a dessert stand I choose my pudding before I find a seat.
I'm conscious of my failings as a singer (adult). I belt out tunes (sometimes at top volume) wherever and whenever I feel like it.1
I love dancing and when at a nightclub or similar will restrain myself to boogie-ing only on the floor (boring adult). Outside of a nightclub I will dance the second I hear a tune I want to shake my stuff along with.2
I often need time to myself to recover after a particularly busy day (adult). The moment I'm alone I start playing with my imaginary friends.

I'm not looking forward to the day I do grow up. Adults sound a lot less fun.


1 Not just the shower. Also parks, shopping centres, swimming pools, sauna, steam room. Rarely feel like singing in the gym, but have been known to mumble vaguely alongside a tune while resting between reps.

2 Seriously - I got some odd looks in the supermarket until they switched away from fun music.

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