Friday, 12 December 2014


It was love at first sight. She was elegant, beautiful and haughty. He was younger than her, but knew what he wanted from life. No-one knew exactly what had drawn them together, but in that first moment they had bonded.

She had looked at him through those heavily hooded eyes and he had stared back, frank and innocent, into eyes that had known the world. Disregarding everyone stood around him, she stalked over, hips swaying and full of an attitude that declared she expected to be the center of the world. He stared at her, utterly hypnotised and she continued walking up to him until she was close enough to rest her head against him. His fingers reflexively curled into her hair and she encouraged him. When his parents beside him murmured their disapproval, she glared at them and nuzzled their son.

Although her age concerned his parents, it was nothing to how they felt when they discovered her medical history and how much her restoration to full health would cost. Despite the claim she was staking on their son, both knew it was their money she would be spending and, given the fixation he had, if they wanted to remain close to their son's heart, they would have to pay up and house her, as well as sponsoring her medical treatment.

They tried repeatedly to redirect his attention to younger alternatives, but with her draped over his arm, he wasn't interested. In the hours his parents fought over whether to support their son in this, or to enforce their authority, he sat smiling slightly, alternately playing with, hugging and petting the female who had become the center of his world. She responded willingly to every move he made and eventually his commitment to her became unarguable.

At the reception desk, Tina smiled in mingled relief and sympathy as Mr and Mrs Hartness signed the formal adoption papers for Duchess. The cat had been considered un-homeable, lined up to be put down, until seven year old Scott came along and she claimed him.

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