Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Evolution: A rant

So you're religious? I'm sincerely happy for you; I also believe in God. Oh, you think that evolution is impossible because God created the world in six days? That the only way a human eye can be made is by manufacturing it and zapping it with life? Please understand that when I say this I mean it with my whole heart:

Stop limiting God by your belief of what he is capable of.

God is capable of infinite and wondrous things and every time you say evolution is wrong because God built the world from lumps of the cosmic equivalent of PlayDoh and magically brought it to life I feel that you are belittling something amazing. Look at the world around us. Look at what the Bible tells you*

Once upon a time there was nothing. Then there were thousands of solids whirling through time and space; colliding and combining, destructive and creative all at once. Over time, out of the chaos formed a series of bodies large enough to develop gravity. These pulled in smaller globes and the balancing forces of gravity and momentum formed a beautiful dance of attraction and repulsion until the universe was perfectly balanced. On one of the dancing globes, there formed bodies of water and deep in the depths of the oceans there were remnants of the chaos so recently overcome.

A large part of the earth had healed on the surface; scabbing over the molten rock with slowly crystallised igneous mass but there were still a number of places where the gaping wounds let out fresh molten lava. Some of these were deep under water and it wasn't long before some places had the energy required to promote chemical reactions. Soon the water, molten rock and various chemicals had formed a tower. The center of the tower was too hot and the chemical reactions failed, too far away and the chill meant there was insufficient energy. Somewhere in the middle was just right.

Chemicals required heat the react so they stayed near the source of heat. At some point the sky cleared of clouds and space debris enough that the earth became basked in warmth and gradually the chill of the ocean lessened. Now, chemicals could react further from the towers. One that required heat was suddenly able to move far enough from the tower to meet a reaction which created heat and the two became co-dependant. One chemical denatured, and suddenly,when exposed to light it began to react violently. Another reaction used the energy produced to power its own.

Tiny, tiny pockets of wonder were forming; driving chaos and yet becoming attracted to each other. Using each other to survive, to continue. Over time their relationships became more complex - one chemical needed light so bonded with another that reacted under exposure to light and used that reaction to guide itself. Over time, other reactions began filling the available space and taking the available energy and the need for intelligence became more real. Being able to predict the correct route to the resources required was suddenly very important. Data storage was needed to remember what had come before and what to do next.

Now the world is full of barely cellular forms fighting for survival. Clusters of cells band together to steal the energy fuelling the reactions of others. They bond on occasion by being eaten and remaining undigested. Cells become more complex and slowly, microscopically, life evolves.

At the beginning the middle and the end, every step of the way something could have been different. If the water had never been, or remained cold, if the light had not shone, if the chemicals had not been able to form dependencies, there would be no grass, trees, birds or people. Somewhere the world could have faltered and life never developed. Instead, everything that was necessary happened exactly when and where it was required.

Evolution should be your evidence that God is within every living thing. It should be your proof that there is an overarching power guiding and controlling the creation of everything on this earth.

But it seems like you're scared of admitting that God isn't a bearded face in the sky. That actually it is a lot closer to home than that and a lot closer to you. Perhaps it's because when your God is in the sky raining hellfire down on everything that makes you uncomfortable, you believe yourself to be safe from His displeasure. Perhaps, in making yourself aware of the true power and sheer awesomeness of the universe, you realise that there is no hiding and suddenly you become accountable.

End rant.


*While I believe in God, I'm not so hot on religion

PS, also not a scientist and am writing this from my memory so it's not going to be 100% factually correct.

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