Sunday, 11 May 2014


There's a woman who awakens slowly just after dawn; lying on her right side on the far right edge of the bed, snuggled deeply into the duvet.

There's a man who is slipping into sleep; he has taken an early night after a hard day and the sunset has been hidden behind blackout blinds. Restless, he tosses and turns, churning the sheets as he seeks comfort in the warmth of the desert.

She feels someone holding her. His arms wrap around her belly and ribs, and his warmth presses up against her back. She smiles slightly and reaches up her hand to touch his forearm.

He dreams of a woman in his arms. It has been so long since he had someone to hold as he sleeps; long enough that he is becoming scared of trying to find someone new. Whenever he tries there seems to be a new expectation, a new minimum standard and what if he can't meet it?

She snuggles into his warm embrace. Burying her head deeper into the pillows she revels in the joy of trusting someone enough to sleep in their arms.

He feels her shifting closer and feels relief, delight, comfort and underneath it all a connection. A link of mutual trust and individual needs to be fulfilled.

She is relaxed and dozing once more, relinquishing herself to a little more sleep for a long as she has this glorious feeling of being surrounded, shielded and protected from all the trials of the world.

He is calmed and soothed. His restless thrashing has ceased and he begins to drift deeper into sleep. In his tired state he sleepily leans forward and kisses her shoulder once, then again nearer her neck.

She feels on her right shoulder the pressure of a pair of lips and is happy. As they touch her neck, she is confused. She is lying on her right side; it isn't possible for this to be happening. She is disturbed and begins to question.

He loses his grip on her. The feeling of her in his arms fades into nothing and in his sleep he begins to seek her in his bed, but to no avail.

She awakens. It is still half an hour before her alarm goes off and she lies alone, wishing she had never left his embrace.

He will dream all night of seeking something precious.

She will spend her day working, caring for her sister and completing the myriad chores of every day.

Tonight she will hope she has that dream again but he will be awake for several hours after she rises and the opportunity to reconnect will be lost.

In a laboratory in Antarctica, three scientists who have been researching telepathy or, as they call it, the Connection for years are falling down drunk to celebrate this single event. It required prompting and a specific set of circumstances which were not fully understood, but the Connection had been made; and should be replicable within a few days. They would find a new pair of guinea pigs to hook up shortly; a new pair with complimentary brain patterns and then with data to substantiate their theories they would finally be awarded the funding required for a mass experiment.

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