Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sunday morning

WARNING: HERE BE SMUT! Definitely adult content, but not all that explicit. Basically, if you don't like sex stories you won't like this. If you like your sex to be graphic, detailed and wholly exposed, you're not going to like it either.


She remembered during the night that she had felt uncomfortably hot and rolled to hang off the side of the bed with one arm and leg sticking out from under the duvet. Now she felt chilly and lonely. Blinking blearily she saw the clock that informed her it was 6:45am. It was also Sunday and she groaned, hauled herself over and snuggled up to the warm mass of her lover who lay on his side facing away from her.

He smelled good. Yesterday's chemical smells - aftershave, mouthwash, shower gel - had all dissipated overnight leaving only his natural scent. She wriggled closer, running her hand from his hip to his ribs before sliding it forward into the matted hair on his chest. He grunted softly in his sleep as the coldness of her fingers disturbed him. The sound made her smile lovingly and she propped herself up on her right arm, freeing her right hand to stroke back the hair on his head while the other remained on his chest.

After a few moments, the warm air arising from his neck and shoulders lured her, and she leaned forward to brush her lips against the soft, delicate skin on the back of his neck. This close, she could clearly see the overnight stubble which covered his face from ear to Adam's apple, coating his jawline and creeping into the hollow of his cheekbone. The change in texture fascinated her and she raised her hand from his chest and reached up to caress the jawline, following the grain of his hair and stroking down to his shoulder. As her hand passed her own face, she leaned forward once again and her lips followed the path her hand had traced.

She couldn't kiss him easily from this position and she wasn't yet awake enough to move properly, so she very soon retreated and lay back again. Her left hand continued its gentle meandering as she pulled her right hand back and tucked it under her own head. It was only a few moments before she once again snuggled closer, bringing her lips within reach of the expanse of his back. She dropped gentle kisses, licks and nibbles as the mood took her while her hand continued moving around his chest - first caressing the soft smoothness of his side, then the coarse hair of his chest. Here she lingered as she discovered a nipple and she delicately traced it as it stiffened. Smiling knowingly to herself, she moved her hand downwards, flattening her palm against the warmth of his belly, where his hair thinned to a soft trail.

She paused here and was rewarded with a slight hesitation in her partner's breathing. She chuckled and moved her hand down to his groin.

"Good morning," she murmured as she took his burgeoning erection in her hand.

He groaned, rolled over and pulled her to him for a long, deep kiss, trapping her hand between their bodies. When he broke the kiss, he said, in a voice scratched and husky with sleep; "At some point I'm going to remember how much I like to lie in on a Sunday."

With her arms pinned down, she wasn't able to caress him properly and settled instead for undulating suggestively in his embrace. She chuckled again as she felt him stiffen in response. "But not right now, right?"


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