Saturday, 25 January 2014

It's all you

Did you know that how you react to things is a very good indication of who you are as a person? [EDIT FOR CLARITY SINCE I WAS OBVIOUSLY TOO ASLEEP AT TIME OF WRITING: This is because when you hear something ambiguous you substitute what your meaning would be if you had made that statement.]

Imagine for instance you're at a buffet and you've been at the cheese board. As you're returning to your seat someone says to you: "That's a lot of cheese."

Do you A) get upset because they're implying you're fat or B) agree and comment on your personal feelings for cheese?

Other responses are available.

In this instance I would always go with B because reasons related to cheese. But several people would go with A and it's because the only reason they can see for someone commenting on their choice of a buffet is a reflection upon their weight. Where does this come from? Yes, insecurity, learned behaviour blah blah.... But.... actually, those learned responses govern *who you are*. So all those responses that you blame your upbringing for? It's not your upbringing any more. It's you.

You're a grown up and every move you make (in the absence of disorders) is under your control. Every thought you have can be developed. Every single thing you think about every single thing that happens to you: that is YOU. That is who you are, who you have become and do you like that person?

Next time someone says something to upset you: ask what they've said that upsets you and I can almost guarantee that it is an interpretation of the actual words that were spoken. Consider other interpretations. It's worth it.

And now I'm going to sleep.This blog post was brought to you byzzzzzzzz

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