Sunday, 1 December 2013

Made it!

Huzzah! November achieved! For those of you who just happened upon this and missed my daily updates (you lucky ducks) I wrote, in November only, a fifty one thousand word beginning to a novel.

Those 51k words make up the first two thirds of my plot. When I've written the whole thing down, I need to go back through it and get some serious editing on. What I need to do is print it to a paper copy and read it through many times before setting to it with a red pen. Currently it's a 79 page document. Looking forward to the full word count!

Sadly, editing is less fun than getting the words down, and this is the point at which my writing usually falls flat. Hopefully I'll keep ripping through it.

Even if I don't, it's that time of year again! I've got a million mince pies to make, Christmas cards to design, make, write, post, etc and my Christmas newsletter to write up. You see, I'm terrible at staying in touch, even with my nearest and dearest. So at Christmas I put together the highlights of my year in a mock-up newspaper, print it out and mail it to people alongside a Christmas card. If you're very good, I'll post a copy of it up here for you.

I'll be avoiding Christmas cracker manufacture this year. It's for a combination of reasons, but the end result is the same: no crackers.

However, there is one thing I am determined to do: at the start of this year I let Josh Groban know abut the urgent need for him to get a girlfriend. I have to remind him that his deadline of New Year is looming, so he gets his act together. I'll try to get that up asap to give him as close to a month as possible.

OK. So that's it. Rant at Josh Groban until he has the decency to get a girlfriend, write up newsletter - probably involving a recap of my favourite of the year's rants - bake mince pies, eat mince pies, make cards, mail cards, wrap Christmas presents, plan Christmas.

And above all: be happy and warm.

I am blessed and mine is a very good life.


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