Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sparky spark

Ugh. My brain is sparking like you wouldn't believe. In fact, I'm so tired but unable to stop the thinking that I'm currently mashing the keyboard with my elbows whilst using my toes to knit and my hands to rub my aching, aching neck.

I apologise for typos, they are unavoidable given the circumstances.

OK, so truthfully, my neck is killing me, my head is unbelievably heavy and to get through the day I just had I drank more than my personally recommended amount of caffeine and kept drinking it later than I usually do, so I'm hoping this type fest burns out the twitchiness and lets me sleep.

Not 100% guaranteed.

However, since I (true story, see my facebook feed) woke up at 3:30 this morning wondering what was fuzzy and at the foot of my bed and diagnosed "cat" at exactly the same time as "cold" and "letting me kick it for several minutes trying to establish its identity", precipitating a mad panic into the fear that I'd somehow broken Monty's neck and a half hour of adrenalin cool down; I was already tired going into work today and therefore feel I should sleep like a thing that is significantly deader than my cat turned out to be.

God I'm knackered. I may regret this post later.

However, I have a bugbear which you may already know about if you read the subtle emphasis in "I am a woman who reads". Namely, the persistence with which members of the female half of the human population are referred to as "girl" when "woman" may be more accurate.

Girl sounds so unformed. So much a character who is yet to mature and become the whole of herself. It's like boy and man. A girl or boy has so much left to discover about themselves; whereas a woman is herself. A man is himself.

True, you may mean girl. You may only be thinking of the thing that is as yet undeveloped, immature, still to fulfil its promise. But, would you rather a girl, or a woman? Would you rather a half formed promise of an ideal, or a fully fledged, flawed, reality?

Maybe a woman has yet to develop some facets of herself. Maybe she will still improve with maturity. But a woman is so many things a girl can never be and I feel that should be celebrated.

For what it's worth, I feel the inverse is also true with men: large boys are sometimes wrongly referred to as men, simply by virtue of those physical characteristics which define adulthood, instead of taking a moment to assess the character of the individual contain within.

And for the full thing: don't call me a pretty girl. I am not pretty. I concede I am aesthetically pleasing, but I am not that. My features are well arranged and appropriately sized, but they too have character and individuality and they are ... I feel unique (while [EDIT:genealogically genetically] accurate) is the wrong word. But they are not mainstream.

If you must define me by the impact my appearance has on your conscious: admit I am sexy. Another thing that a girl is not. C'est finis.


PS: how is it that I can spell genealogically without a hiccup, but fulfil is setting off the spell checker? Seriously?

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