Wednesday, 11 September 2013


There is, on the magical land known only as the internet, teh intarwebs or one of many alternative names, a page entitled:

Josh Groban’s 16 Most Important Hair Moments

Now, I grant you, there are some nice pictures here. But when I go to that page (I've rationed myself to once every two hours, or 40 minutes in a three hour period) I scroll hastily down to Number 11: that's right, I bypass the dog (albeit with a momentary wibble of squee1) and sit in rapt contemplation of one of the sexiest things I have seen for a very long time (and I've recently watched Artem Chigvintsev dance mostly topless, so this isn't a low-hanging bar2).

What do you mean you can't be bothered to go look at it? Fine, here.

And just a little extra for the similarly inclined ladies (and gentlemen); when you tear your eyes away from that lusciously coated chest (yes, that's one of the reasons he beats Artem in the sexy stakes) watch his expression. He gets this cute little pout which can (I should know) be interpreted as a "yeah, I know what I'm doing to you!" moment.

Sadly, as I saw that Graham Norton episode, I also know it's actually a prelude to a shudder, because apparently he buys into this idea that body hair = bad.

So, I'm contemplating kickstarting a project to coax the follicularly blessed out of hiding and into the open. Ordinarily I would endeavour to describe the visual impact of such a plan, but I suspect if I tried and anyone read it I'd wind up sedated in front of an air conditioning unit as medical professionals tried to determine if I was rabid.

Take my word for it, it will be glorious.

And I would sincerely like to express my gratitude for and approval of the recent trend to include hairy chests in TV adverts once again. No more do all men glisten as though they have been waxed! No longer do I wonder if they smell like furniture! I like it.

And I'm going to quickly post this, because the gif has gone off the top of my screen and the more I write the longer I have to go without watching it.


1 Shush you, that's totally a legitimate sentence!
2 It doesn't come over well in a photo, but trust me when I say that the man dances juuuust fine.

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