Monday, 5 August 2013

The rain

I was alone with the rain shattering on the glass above
The noise
It sounded like an attack
A thousand missiles clattering
And tumbling off the roof

It fell so fast that there was no rhythm or tune
Merely thunderous power
A slam-dunk from the sky
Time after time

I don't hold it in contempt
I don't feel it is powerless against this building
But I know the sky does not choose to harm me
There is no malice
There is no malevolent threat

Only people can do that
The world,
With all its power and fury,
Does not aim to kill, maim or destroy
Only the weak make that their goal

The strong, the powerful
They have nothing to prove

The world gains nothing by me
Loses nothing by me
I am nothing to it

So it will never try to hurt me

That does not make it weak
That does not make me safe

But I can hear the rain, thunder and lightening
Without fear
Because it does not target me
I am not a victim
As long as I respect it.


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