Friday, 30 August 2013


If you have the misfortune to follow my twitter feed, you probably realised that I'm feeling quite sick.

The downside of illness is that it short-circuits my ability to be creative. I can have brief moments, but no real sustained creative urge. What this means is that I'm having trouble writing a creative piece this week. But I don't want to miss a week, hence the waffle forthcoming.


several minutes later


Well, that was spectacularly unsuccessful. Let's try from another angle:

This is my moment
Glory illuminates my
Snot filled sinuses

I shall try once more
Superhuman effort and
Yet my ears don't pop

Seven hours sleep in
Two days of frantic action
Tonight I shall snore

That's it really. That's all I got. as you can see, the frustrations of being overrun by whatever horrible disease this is are really getting me down.

A long weekend of sleep (postponing a shiny new phone because I just can't bear the thought of dragging myself into town) will hopefully cure me, but I'm out of soup and I don't want solid food. Also, I hate being sick.


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