Monday, 8 July 2013

I've found husband number two!

Joe Friday (author of the below): Marry me.
It isn’t that we only know one word, nor is it that we’re illiterate. We know a plethora, a smorgasbord, a veritable cornucopia of words. We see beauty, not always in flowery prose or poetic dictation, but rather in aptness, when form follows function. To you a word is dirtiest when it falls into the arbitrarily annexed zone of “profanity”, but to us a word is cleanest when it perfectly expresses an emotion or describes an idea. We don’t always use the prettiest words, but we most certainly always use the correct words. We spin our ideas into words, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, like weavers at a loom crafting the most luxuriant of garments to adorn the naked shapes of our characters. We are horse tamers and words are our spirited mounts, transporting us swiftly and efficiently to our intended destinations. We are royalty and words are our brave and loyal subjects, carrying out our bidding and charging headlong into war at our command in service of whatever cause to which we choose to rally them. When we say “fuck”, it isn’t a desperate cry for attention or a petulant defiance of propriety. When we say “fuck” it’s because we FEEL “fuck”. Do you grok?
This was in response to :
why is it necessary to have a trash mouth? I was always told that if you can’t express yourself you use profanity, doesn’t take any brains to use profanity.
Josh is funny and talented without you debasing the interview and making it very offensive, I also did not appreciate Josh’s use of the f word either, It is actually very offensive to me.
I am sure you don’t care one way or the other but I won’t be visiting your website every again.
 (If you're wondering about the "debased" interview, it's a Nerdist podcast here)


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