Friday, 5 July 2013


Three times in his life he had felt this way.

First, as a six year old at a fairground, desperately wanting to join his big brother on the rollercoaster, but secretly terrified someone might say he could.

Second, as a teenage boy, trying to get off with Lizzie Hopkins.

And now. The doors loomed before him. Behind the imposing facade of steel and glass lay either his dream job or his greatest humiliation. Possibly both.

It was the final interview before the job was to be allocated. He was fully suited and the tie had a stranglehold around his neck like nothing he had experienced before.

His background was in engineering tech. and he had, for the first three stages of the interview, been expecting it to come out as a black mark against him. Now he knew it must be fine, because he'd never have made it this far otherwise.

He was moments from hightailing it out of there when his nipple vibrated. It was a seriously odd place to put a pocket but his phone fit in there perfectly, so who was he to question?

Grateful for the excuse, he wandered away from the doors and opened the message. He smiled for the first time that day. It was a picture - almost - of his kids. Their cherubic countenances were practically obscured by a poster that they had obviously spent the forty minutes of his commute making. Paint spattered fingers clutched it tightly and held it high, while blue and brown eyes peeked around the edges.

Good Luck Daddy!

It probably said that. The poster had started as a piece of A2 paper, and at five years old, neither child had pristine handwriting - scrawling the letters trying to fill the page had made them unreadably erratic in both size and shape. Nevertheless he was grateful.

The attached text read: We love you. Hugs and Kisses, Jake, Sally and Alice xxx

He reread it a few times, before pocketing the phone and striding confidently towards the building.

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