Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Art Work

So, this is my very first photo art without the benefit of a tutorial taking me every step of the way.

It's rough, I know, but for a first attempt I'm very proud of it.

The eye was the most difficult part. In the end I duplicated the existing iris and flipped it round, but that left me with two sparks of light in the pupil. I hoped the lens effect would cancel it out, but apparently not.

The cogs/ gears and eyepiece/ lens were made in Powerpoint, and given depth there before being transferred to Photoshop for texturing. The mask was outlined in makeup and given texture and "realism" in Photoshop.

You can't tell at this scale. but around the edge of the mask, I managed to give it a ridged effect - it looks very like a welding join.

The idea with the gears is that the mask holds the facial structure in place, while the gears drive the muscles that move the jaw. The gear work continues under the hairline, and the two furthest onto the face are bound to the musculature below and spin as they work the muscles.

I wanted to have a text component as well, so I bunged this in:

I suspect that it's too much. But I'm hoping time brings perspective and the internet brings opinions.

I have a *lot* to learn. Anything you can tell me about how the quality could be improved would be most welcome.


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