Thursday, 13 June 2013


Sorry, just didn't want to forget this - I rarely describe appearances because I genuinely believe the way you look is superficial, so I like my readers to decide what my characters look like. I'll throw in a few personality indicators, but it's still not a specific image.

This phrase sprang to my mind the other day - I was contemplating the beginning of an online relationship. At which point on first seeing someone face to face do you really meet them? I don't think it's when you see them. I think it's when you have a voice to put to the mails/ message you've been reading. The phrase below is a character describing the day he met the love of his life. I hope I get to use it :)

I was really looking forward to meeting her. And when I finally saw her... I was still waiting to meet her. It wasn't until she spoke to me, and I heard her voice that I realised I knew the person speaking.


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