Monday, 24 June 2013

Are you?

It was dark outside. The rain had been drumming soothing tones onto the roof of the car for almost eight minutes now. Amy was sure of that, because she had been watching the seconds tick by, absolutely adamant that after two minutes she would get out and do it. Two had been extended to three, then five and now ten. Soon, she firmly believed she would get out of the car.

Nevertheless, the little assurance remained that no one would ever know if she waited for ten minutes or fifteen. After all, she wasn't expected.

Nine minutes fifteen seconds. Of course she would get out at ten minutes. She'd get out right now, except that she said she'd wait and ten minutes had a nice ritualistic tone to it.

Nine minutes thirty eight seconds. It would be 10:05 if she got out after ten minutes. Surely 10:10 would be better.

Maybe she should just leave. No-one had seen her. It wasn't like running away. It was late, raining, he might be out, he might be in bed. And wasn't it just a little desperate?

If he was attracted to her, he would have told her, surely?

Was the clock broken? It had slowed down - surely she had been here a lot longer than 9 minutes 46 seconds?

Suddenly she growled in frustration, seized her bag and leapt into the rain. She wasn't waiting for the permission of a clock!

Having got so far, her fingers locked around the frame of the door and refused to move. The wind blew the coat against her skin and the rain felt unnaturally cold. She was incredibly conscious of herself out in the open, afraid and alone, with a barren wasteland of a small estate road separating her from the potential safety of the house and its front door about twenty paces away.

She had come this far and made her decision. She straightened, relaxed her death grip and slammed the car door. She didn't notice the clock telling her that the door slammed exactly ten minutes after she had parked.

She strode towards the house with an even, swaying stride. A slight smile hinted at a wealth of confidence and womanly strength. Inside her head, she was desperately pleading with the fates in general to not let her get hit by a car now, not let him be home, let him be home, let him like her, let him think it was a joke, let him be excited enough to ravish her so she didn't have to think it through, let him be slow but interested, let him be alone. Above all else... Don't Let Anyone Else See Her.

The door loomed before her. Huddled under the shelter of the tiny porch, she glanced back at the car. It looked incredibly welcoming. At that point the internal light winked out, as if to tell her to get on with it. Gulping down a deep breath, she raised an inexplicably shaking hand to the door, and rapped lightly with her knuckles.

She had enough time to agonise over whether it was loud enough for him to have heard, whether she had to do it again or just decide he wasn't there and walk away before the light appeared in the house.

Her right ankle buckled slightly as half her brain tried to move her feet away from the door and back to the car and the other half tried to keep her in place. The stationary feet required less input and so won by proxy.

The door opened and she looked with quiet terror into Tony's eyes. He seemed surprised.

She went hot and cold and fought to stay upright as her terror once again threatened to tear her in half. A failed attempt at a gulp caused her to cough nervously and she managed to squeeze out a single word.

"Hi." Thready, breathy, possibly asthmatic sounding. Not sexy! She gulped - successfully this time.

He seemed about to speak, but she had planned her speech beforehand and she didn't want to mess with the script now. She reached out her left hand towards him, trying to silence him, while her right fumbled with the belt and her words spilled out in a panicked rush.

"You're only allowed to say yes or no, OK? Are you alone?" A pause. He looked more confused.

"Err, yes?"

Her mind suddenly froze as she realised she had made a basic assumption that she needed to check: "Oh! Are you still single?"

He smiled a little but still did not seem welcoming in the least. "Yes."

She heard a high pitched whine, her heart beat escalated rapidly and the shaking in her legs intensified to the stage where her right foot actually took a step towards the car of its own volition. Wrenching her terror under control once more, she employed both hands in solving the mysteries of her belt buckle.

She opened the coat to display the underwear she had carefully selected an hour earlier, fumbling a little as the flaps around the collar threatened to fall forwards and cover her bra.

"In that case," a flood of heat then cold shot down her spine and she was grateful for the darkness which she falsely imagined was hiding the crimson in her cheeks, "are you interested?"

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