Friday, 3 May 2013

I am a woman who reads

Inspired by
You Should Date an Illiterate Girl by Charles Warnke
and the response by Rosemary Urquico (posted after the jump on Nonamerah's blog as I cannot find the original) Date a Girl Who Reads

I am a woman who reads.

My life is full of brief encounters with heroes, villains, movie stars and the dying man I have lost the chance to save. Some encounters are relived, over and over, because they are a star cast into a world of diamonds and amidst the glitter they emit an irresistible pull. Some encounters are enjoyed, occasionally merely used, and then abandoned.

Some encounters change me forever. Today I may discover a hard backed book with yellowed pages and a roughly textured surface. Tonight I might read it. Will you recognise me tomorrow?

Will my viewpoint of the world have been held up as a mirror and shattered like the shallow illusion it is, to be replaced with another viewpoint that gives me new life, fears and sorrows, new opportunities, hopes and dreams?

A woman who reads will open her mind with the first page of a book and will make her world vulnerable to its content. She wants to experience all of the possibilities inherent in that encounter.

I am a woman who reads and because of this, when you and I meet I will enter our time together with my mind as open as possible. I will allow you in. I will let you break me, shatter my faith, my belief and my life in the knowledge that I will rebuild myself.

If you are foolish enough to believe this makes me weak, you have no notion of what it means to be strong.

I am a woman who reads and I have encountered villains before. I have been hurt, betrayed, shamed and abandoned more times than you can be aware of.

But I have loved more deeply than you can believe or imagine and I can, and will, do it again.


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