Monday, 15 April 2013

Speedy Update

I intend to resume normal service next week - I already have some material including: Does Josh Groban actually meet any of the points on my list? (All ladies have one!)

However, I have to get Monty to the vet again tonight, so  I can't stay back after work to write this.

Therefore, in summation:
Amputation was successful - she's hopping around happily, apart from the cone of shame.
Weekend was quiet, lots of cat falling asleep on me, which was quite nice but did nothing to support my intention to exercise a bit.
I hung my first oil painting in my bathroom: that room used to be hideous but now I absolutely love it.
I'm still batty about Josh Groban who is currently being cute around marsupials (strictly speaking, I think he's probably asleep)
Watching all Studio Ghibli films before going on my holiday
Lost 1 pound so am celebrating with pudding and chocolate (I'm not fashionably skinny. However, I look fantastic in my bikini so I'm finding it difficult to care about any weight loss regime)
Reading The Siege, but wishing there were more cheerful novels in the world (Not sure if it's just bad luck, but the only things I've read recently which don't involve at least one scene of horror are targeted at under-10s.)
Planning my birthday celebrations (turning 29, I think I'm turning 29, I really think so!)

<insert something flippant here>


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