Thursday, 25 April 2013

A little bit of magic

Today I am mostly tired. Happy, but tired.

I saw "Olympus has Fallen" last night and I'm not sure if it was the explicitly romantic love story at the start, or the less obvious but still fanatically strong love stories told throughout that got me thinking about the things I want from life.

The truth is, I want magic.

I want a man who will make my life sparkle. Someone who will surprise me in little ways - for instance, showing up unexpectedly, lighting candles at dinner "just because", turning up with a posy of flowers, or my favourite chocolate bar, arranging a silly hunt around my flat for my birthday present, breakfast in bed, or a drink when I'm in the bath. Oh, and of course, someone who will buy me a pirate ship for my birthday :)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too demanding. Honestly, I don't think so. Possibly I just haven't been single for long enough to lower my standards to a reasonable level of expectation.

I want someone who isn't ashamed of themselves and isn't afraid to be who they are. If I end up not liking that person, that would suck - but isn't it better than lying? Faking it just to "purchase" a relationship?

One day I'm going to be alone and lost. I'm not being morbid, it's just an observation. At that time, I want, truly, desperately want, to be able to look over my life and know that if that moment is the culmination of all I have lived for then at least I had something magical.

Once upon a time I would have settled for being content. I think you can only ever be truly content when you have lived. By that time, you have the wisdom to celebrate every moment in the knowledge that each one is precious and yes, a little bit magic. When you have the experience to be content, you have the wisdom not to be.

That is what I want from my life. That, and afternoon tea and cake.


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